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Pulling down
your stronghold


“Father I recognize a stronghold of…in my life (inherited or started). I also recognize that I have, on a constant basis, submitted to that stronghold by obeying it's thoughts and giving in to it's temptations and by so doing have now even strengthened that stronghold. Today I repent of every act of the flesh, every pattern of sin. I turn my back on all ungodly behaviour that is offensive to you and right now I thank you for your forgiveness in my life. Now, in the mighty name of Jesus, I tear down, I pull down, I demolish every stronghold that has been established in my mind. I take full authority over every Satanic influence and over every work of darkness that has been operating thru this stronghold. Satan I rebuke you in Jesus’ name. I take every thought captive and I resist every temptation that drives me to sin and I declare this morning that whom the Son sets free, is free indeed”


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